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Sun is the enemy of textiles!

Preserving your Textiles

Do as the Georgians and Victorians did, and protect your precious rugs (and upholstery) from the sun.
During the day keep your blinds down and if they are Venetians, with the slats angling the sun away. 
Much as we like to see a blue sky and sunshine, unfortunately the sun's rays can not only fade the colours, 
but actually rot the fibres. Silk is especially susceptible. 
Of all the colours, blue is the most transient.

Orange is the new taupe?

I'm glad to see thatColouris coming back into our homes. Obviously Oriental rugs tend to
be colourful, and of course beautiful! This Afghan Chobi/Ziegler is a gorgeous tawny
marmalade colour. 
 Many Persian rugs are indeed red and blue, but Zieglers
 although following traditional designs, are in more subdued   colours, to suit the European market.

 I stock a wide variety of rugs, some subtle, some vivid,   but in my opinion all are beautiful, it just depends where you are going to place them.
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