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Fashion is all very well...

Oriental rugs as investments.

Unlike any machine made rug, a good hand made Oriental rug will prove to be an excellent investment, providing
good care is taken of it. Obviously one should never buy anything purely in the hope that it will appreciate in value, 
but should the time come when you fancy a change, selling should not leave you too much out of pocket, and may 
even provide a profit, should a reasonable time have elapsed, as rug prices are constantly on the rise. So, compared
to a fitted carpet, which has no resale value, or a machine made one, however attractive,  which will be devalued

Tripping hazards?

Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs are all the rage at the moment. Every interior design spread features them. Why? Because 
they are monochrome, usually off white with a sparse and simple design in black, which fits well in today's interiors. 
However I shall not be stocking them as they have a very loose construction which means that they ruck up, and I for
one would hate to add to the various tripping hazards in the home!
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