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Spreading the word.


So, everyone now is a curator?  In as much as I personally choose each item I stock, and cherish them, I hope my
shop is not an exhibition!  However much I love these things, they are all for sale...The same cannot be said of a museum or art gallery. Still I suppose it sounds grander than "shop keeper".


We are now also Upstairs at the Broadway Deli at St. Patrick's, 29 High Street, Broadway, Worcestershire,
WR12 7DP!

Branching Out!

From Monday 18th November we shall also be UPSTAIRS at the BROADWAY DELI in Broadway, Worcestershire. To accommodate their already vast range of gourmet goodies, the Deli is moving to St. Patrick's, directly opposite the Lygon Arms. In this expansive and delightful old building we shall be showing furniture and rugs and a plethora of interesting artifacts. 
See you there!

Searching for that elusive present?

Are you looking for an unusual present? Visit Nina Waldock at 4 Henrietta Street, Cheltenham, GL50 4AA to see an eclectic selection of things that you won't find on the High Street.
I carry an extensive stock of vintage jewellery - especially brooches, ceramic cats and dogs, papier mache boxes, lamp bases and decorative hanging stars and hearts. 
How about an exquisite embroidered coat, or a travel bag mage from kilim and leather? Timeless!

The folly of assuming perpetual supplies

Hand knotted rugs from Afghanistan are becoming increasingly rare, which is not really surprising, given that country's state of turmoil. However as I bought rather a lot of stock a few years ago, I do still carry a good selection.
Much of the new stock made in the popular styles like Chobi and Gabbeh are now coming from Pakistan. It's my opinion that these are somewhat lacking the individuality of the older ones, although extremely well made. 
Meanwhile Persian rugs are readily available, especially as USA has imposed an embargo on Iranian goods.

Earning its keep.

It's funny how a customer recently found me only via my website, although living just 5 minutes walk away! The power of the web...
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